Mám Clasach

This is a video of a man biking down the Mám Clasach Road in country Kerry Ireland. This road is renowned for its scenic overlook of the Blasket Islands the beautiful country side of the Dingle Peninsula. It runs up Conor pass which I really am looking forward to seeing tomorrow. The research on this road is particularly hard to do as all topics on the internet often just reference it as something you should already know. I believe that it’s not actually the name of the road but instead the saddle of the pass. The actual road has a boring number association attached to it so instead it’s often just referred to as Mám Clasach, or just Clasach.

As you can see from the video I posted above it’s a lovely road where you can pick up some serious speed on a bike. Of course this also makes it a very challenging road going in the opposite direction on the bike. Uphill is a lot less fun then downhill but hey different strokes for different fokes (the saying of this trip.) In fact it is such a popular road for biking that it is being featured in the Dingle Adventure Race this year. This is a yearly event that will be taking place actually the day we are leaving from Dingle which should make for an interesting time. There four different events but the DAR full is still the most popular. In this race they will start by biking on this road uphill of course otherwise it would be too easy. Once at the top of the pass they are to run up to the peak of Mt Brandeon and back down again. Then its just a quick 10k dash to Dingle. If you’re not exhausted reading this by now just wait, they still have 2km kayak race across the sea followed by the final push, a 1km run to the finish line. It should be very interesting to see this beautiful pass and also the large crowd of athletes that will be drawn to this area in preparation for this race. Hopefully I’ll get to see some of it happening as I’m leaving town!

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