Dingle Pub Culture

There are over fifty pubs dotting the Dingle peninsula. The people of this people have physically demanding jobs and they all appreciate and very much deserve a cold pint at the end of the day. The towns of the Dingle peninsula would often be nothing more than a collection of a few houses, a church, and a general supply store/inn/pub. Not much has changed since we have entered the modern world and they still remain quaint little villages. With the increase in tourism and trade these original store fronts have had to transform. Though many memories of their past lives as stores still remain. Some bars are decorated with old clothes and shoes from their days as a shop. All the pubs walls will be decorated with pictures and articles of those locals who have been visiting their establishments for generations. This is how Judy found out about the Blasket island people and by extension met Mike Carney, more on his story later.

At the same time this pub culture has of course attracted tourism. With the renown beauty of the Dingle peninsula and Blasket islands there has been a large influx in tourist in recent years.In fact this is as large part, like the rest of Ireland, of the economy today. This means that there has been a plenty of new pubs popping up to cater to these tourists. For those who want the Ireland experience without the true authenticity of an old style Irish Pub then these are the places to go. The majority of pubs will still contain the old crowd though. Old men sitting around talking of times long gone and how the world seems now day. Young men having a good laugh winding down the stress of the day. Of course at all of the pubs will be great traditional music performed by locals, in which the music tradition runs deep. Sure some bars are purely local and the old timers might give you a disgruntled look viewing you as a tourist intruder. You must be respectful and understanding places like this . After all this is their land their history and coming in like you own the place is a quick way to have the population have a distaste for you. The majority of pubs this is nothing to worry about, but still that respect is important. No matter where you choose to go in dingle there will be good food, good drinks, good people, good music, and good craic. I’m really looking forward to this laid back atmosphere. It will be the perfect wind down from the hustle and bustle of the northern country.

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