And here we go…

I woke up from my snooze on the plane to a loud beeping and the plane shaking. “Wow, this is some serious turbulence!” I thought to myself as  I looked over at the South Korean kid next to me. He was rubbing his prayer beads again. Another big shake, this wasn’t normal. I looked to my right, and the 6’4” buff guy looked scared. What the hell was going on?! I looked out the window to see nothing but white, then my vision cleared and focused. I had just landed in San Francisco. 

Well here we go, in a few hours Ill be boarding my plane to head to Dublin. I’m excited I really am, its finally clicked with me that I’ll be in Ireland for close to a month. This morning started with me  forgetting my camera at home, and having my amazing sister drive like a maniac to pick it up for me and bring it to me at the terminal. I have been bounced around the entire San Fran airport trying to get a problem with my boarding pass fixed. Despite all this, everything worked out, I’m leaving!

The crowd at the terminal is an interesting one to say the least. There are the overweight Americans and old couples that are obvious tourists. Scattered around is the largest collection of red heads I have ever seen, by their accents I can tell the majority of them  are natives returning home. A giant of a man in suspenders wearing a worker mans fedora keeps walking by. He has a big bushy white beard and a weathered down face. I can’t exactly tell but he appears to be singing in Gaelic. Then there are a few more like me, young and  solitary people with large backpacks. Going on some fort of journey, looking for some kind of adventure.

I can’t currently upload photos from my camera and will have to find out some way around this while in Ireland,  but the obligatory pretrip selfi needs to be done!

Obligatory Selfi

Obligatory Selfi

See yall in Ireland!

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One Response to And here we go…

  1. judithcoe says:

    Glad you arrived safely, Peter — see you in the morning!

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