Captain Jack

Yesterday I got stranded during a blizzard in the mountains. I had no car, no cell phone service and the highways were starting to close. I had to find some way back to the city and quickly. I was able to hitch a ride with two mountain climbers, coming down from the ski slopes I was just on. Alex and Michael gave me and my friend a ride to Boulder. Here we were able to hitch a ride down to Golden. From Golden my friend arranged for a buddy of his to come and pick us up. He was able to give us a ride all the way back to my friends house and eventually I was able to get home, three hours late for work. It was quite a day to say the least, and an adventure. The entire time I just kept thinking, “Hell, at least this is good practice for thinking on my feet for Ireland.”

One last day of white before I head to the land of green.

One last day of white before I head to the land of green.

My father use to tell me bedtime stories of the adventures of Captain Jack and Peter, a pair of pirates at the helm of a magical pirate ship. They sailed across the seven seas, the night sky, and even on into the stars. They fought pirates, ninjas, and dinosaurs. They conquered perilous mountain peaks and cut through the heart of darkest jungles. At the end of each journey Captain Jack would return Peter to his bedroom wishing him a goodnight and a promise for another adventure soon. I would fall asleep after this dreaming of traveling to distant lands, exploring the unknown, and living this life of adventure. Even as I grew older and the bed time stories stopped, the dreams persisted and only grew more real.

This drive to exploration can even account for partially why I entered the field of psychology. Another person is the great unknown. It’s an infinitely deep exploration into their life to understand the complexities of what makes them them. It’s what makes a true love of another so amazing. Each day you see them you stare into their eyes you see something new. The unexplored creases of the face, the faded freckles, the endless depths of their eyes, each hold a new mystery. The unknown and known come together in the exploration of their body, life, and soul. Love is exploring an unknown land. To travel is to bring this to a global scale.  The body is the crevices, coves, mountains, and rolling oceans of the world. The life is the rich and intricate history that each part of the world holds; full of loss and love, death and birth, new and old. Finally the soul is the people who inhabit these lands, their personality, their customs, and their unique perspective of the world. I think this is what I truly seek in this Irish trip, to fall in love. Not with a person but with a land and its people. I want to gain glimpse into the heart of Ireland. I am finally excited for this trip.

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