Distant Trip

As of writing this post it is exactly 19 days 16 hours 12 minutes and 8 seconds until my plane departs from Denver and this adventure begins.

Nineteen days feels like an eternity away at this point. I currently have somewhere less then 10% level of excitement for this trip. Not to say that this trip won’t be exciting, or that I’m not looking forward to it, cause I really can’t wait! This trip is going to be transforming in more ways then currently comprehend. Its the first step in living my life how I want to live it.  But here in the preparation stage it seems like a distant dream. Amongst essays, finals, blogs, presentations, internships, work and inventory, and the happenings in my personal life 19 days is another lifetime. I know that as the days tick by and my stress grows it will only get worse. Not till I’m strapped into that seat bound for San Francisco and then Ireland, will it finally click for me that this is really happening. As the miles fade behind me along with the bills, the stress, and everything that makes up my life, only then will the sense of freedom dawn. But a lot can happen in 19 days 15 hours 53 minutes and 21 seconds.

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